5 reasons why you should try Japanese skincare

Beauty is simplicity.

That is the mantra of J-beauty and we can see that in the way Japanese skincare delivers on it. The J-beauty method comes from beauty products derived from the highest-quality ingredients that are well researched, highly effective, and time-trusted. This high standard is largely due to the Japanese’s own high expectations for the products they use. It is a more authentic approach to health and skincare that primarily focuses on prevention in combating skin damages.

Here are 5 reasons why you should give Japanese skincare a try!

Reason 1: Tried-and-trusted

Japanese beauty products have been around for decades and has gathered a tremendous number of loyal followers worldwide. This is expected since Japanese skincare deeply focuses on well researched and time-trusted ingredients. Their products usually contain higher concentrations of active ingredients that are less harmful to one’s skin. So when using J-beauty skincare products, you can trust that you are getting the most out of every drop!

Reason 2: Simple, yet highly effective

J-beauty is all about minimalist and a strong focus to detail. Japanese skincare is all achieving ultra-soft and supple skin texture. There is even a term for it called mochi-hada (rice-cake skin) in Japanese. The Japanese skincare routine is big on hydration and layering on moisturizing ingredients that helps nourish and plump up the skin. In J-beauty you do this by following simple yet effective steps of double cleansing, hydrating using lotions, and double moisturizing.

Reason 3: Constantly improving formulas

Japanese companies are always improving their existing products. You might already have noticed that every few years, products get’s a new edition where companies add newer ingredients, or adjust their formulas to make their products even more effective. This is no surprise as Japanese consumers have one of the highest standards about beauty in the world. If companies want to win over the demanding Japanese audience, they always need to improve their products to remain competitive. Thus, Japanese beauty products have found a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Reason 4: Strong pharmaceutical laws

Japanese beauty products are one of the most globally trusted in terms of quality of ingredients and formulations. This is partly due to the stringent pharmaceutical laws in Japan. The pharmaceutical laws holds companies accountable to the quality and safety of their products which is then exported to the rest of the world.

Reason 5: Naturally derived ingredients

Compared to a lot of Western beauty products, Japanese skincare is usually quite mild and goes easy on the harsh chemicals. Japanese skincare instead relies on many natural ingredients found in Japan like sake, fermented rice, green tea extract, mugwort. Many of these ingredients can only be found in Japan and are amazing for the skin.

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Very interesting! I’m a esthetician 26 years experienced and I always want to know more about skincare! Few years ago , i’ll work for shiseido and recently I saw a cream with some yuzu and I want to know more about it?

Suzy vezina October 11, 2021

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