What is Mochi Skin and How to Get It (Japanese/Korean Skincare)

An Introduction to Mochi Skin: 

Mochi is a traditional Japanese treat made from pounded glutinous rice grains known as mochigome. Aesthetically pleasing and delectably tasty, this treat has attracted people from all over the world. It is traditionally filled with red bean paste and has a pleasantly soft and chewy texture on the outside. These days, they include a variety of flavors and fillings, including ice cream, fruits, chocolate, and so much more. 

Mochi skin, also known as Mochi Hada, is a term used in Japanese and Asian beauty culture for skin that’s soft and supple, which resembles the appearance of mochi rice cakes. The best way to describe mochi skin is as "baby skin." Mochi skin is all about supple and bouncy skin that is soft and touchable, just like Mochi rice cakes. In Korean beauty there is something called "glass skin", which describes having a bright and dewy complexion. While Mochi skin focuses on achieving that matte and luminous look without the shine, the goal being to improve the health, moisture, and elasticity of your skin. 

  • The Japanese skincare philosophy is to use gentle and simple ingredients that are suitable for everyday use.  
  • Less is more in Japanese skincare, and there is no need to use an excessive number of steps and products on your skin. 
  • Physical exfoliators, for example, are rarely used in their skincare routine because they believe in maintaining the skin's barrier without the harshness. 
  • Rice bran, hyaluronic acid, pantothenic acid, peptides, and ceramides are some of the ingredients to look for to achieve mochi skin.  

Five simple steps for getting Mochi skin: 

 Step 1: Double cleansing 

  • A double cleanser helps rub off dirt, oil, old makeup, and pollutants that are usually harder to get off with a single-purpose cleanser. 
  • The geishas of Gion were known to apply this first step religiously since it increases cleanliness and removes harsh products such as heavy makeup. 
  • Facial oil cleansers are very useful in Japanese skincare routines for removing impurities without stripping your skin away. 

FANCL, DHC and Softymo all make really good cleansing oils, these are some of the most popular and recommended options and really get rid of all the dirt, oil and makeup without stripping your skin! 

Step 2: Toning with a Japanese lotion 

  • The second step involves replenishing the moisture lost in the double cleansing process. In Japan, lotion has more beneficial qualities than toners in the western market. 
  • Lotions help lock in moisture and make the skin more smooth and supple. 
  • It improves the efficacy of other skincare products by making them more absorbent on the skin.  

Try this fan favourite Hada-Labo Premium Hydrating Lotion, our customers AND staff can’t get enough of it! Another great option is this Ishizawa Keana Nadeshiko Rice Toner.  

Step 3: Serum and lightweight moisturizer 

  • If you truly want to achieve mochi-like skin, apply a serum. Serums with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C can help your skin's vitality. 
  • Apply a lightweight moisturizer to seal in all of the previous products and provide overall moisture for the remainder of your day. 
  • This will also improve the appearance of your skin by making it smoother and plumper. 

Some great serums in Kiyoko’s repertoire are this Ishizawa Keana Nadeshiko Rice Oil and this HABA Squalane Oil! 

Step 4: Sunscreen 

  • Sunscreen is an essential step in any skincare routine. It is critical to protect your skin from harmful UV rays in order to avoid skin issues such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. 
  • What's great about Japanese sunscreen is that it has a broad spectrum of protection against UVA and UVB rays. 

Step 5: Spot treatments and masks 

  • Spot treatments are optional if you want to address specific issues like dark spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. 
  • Finally, use a sheet mask with beneficial ingredients every other day to allow it to go through a deep hydration process. 
  • This will also help soothe and relax your skin. 

We cannot push this Rohto Melano CC Spot Treatment enough, it really works to help with dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. This cult favourite is well loved worldwide!  


Kiyoko Beauty has TONS of great products that are perfect for helping you to achieve that mochi skin. Come have a look around! We are always stocking tons of Asian beauty products. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your new favourite!


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