Kanebo sees cosmetic use as a source of empowerment and strength. They sell makeup and skincare, and they promote the individuality of everyone. Giving their customers a sense of meaning, expression, and diversity. Their products are made from environmentally friendly materials to help people create their future and shape their identity. Kanebo inspires hope and transcends beauty.

Cruelty-Free: Yes 🐇 Country: JAPAN 🇯🇵

Freeplus Gentle Cleansing Cream (100g) - Kiyoko BeautyFreeplus Gentle Cleansing Cream (100g) - Kiyoko Beauty
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Freeplus Moist Care Emulsion (100ml) - Kiyoko BeautyFreeplus Moist Care Emulsion (100ml) - Kiyoko Beauty
Freeplus Moist Care Lotion (130ml) - Kiyoko BeautyFreeplus Moist Care Lotion (130ml) - Kiyoko Beauty

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