Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes Shadow


Kiyoko's Notes

Highly versatile eyeshadow palette contains complementary colors suitable for office or school, while the shimmery lamé powder acts as a topping jewel, converting your everyday look to a more sophisticated and striking evening eye.

As an added benefit, powder is enriched with squalene for non-stop hydration and conditioning, leaving lids silky soft and smooth.

Features The main shades are located at the top right and bottom left, so you can create two different looks according to whether you go clockwise or anticlockwise!
Clings to your eyelids.
Glitter shadow offering complete control of your sparkle level!
Made In JAPAN 🇯🇵

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    How to use

    Apply first

    Apply the glitter shadow over the whole eyelid before applying A to subtly enhance the shimmer of the eyeshadows applied over it. Perfect when you want just a faint sparkle.

    Apply last

    Apply the glitter shadow in the center of your eyelids after applying D to create sparkling, lustrously defined eyes. Ideal when you want to look properly glamorous.

    On your lower lids

    Apply the glitter shadow to your lower eyelids to emphasize the plump under-eye area and make your eyes look bigger.


     Choose from 7 Colors
    [05] Pinky Chocolate A quintet of pink and brown shades that's No.1 for ease of use.
    [18] Bitter Sweet Memory Muted colors with depth.
    [19] Urban Copper A red-toned copper-brown palette.
    [22] Apricot Peach Fresh shades with hints of pink and orange.
    [23] Almond Canelé Versatile shades suitable for all occasions.
    [24] Mellow Milk Tea Soft, sophisticated nude shades.
    [25] Mimosa Orange Elegant colors add a touch of chic to your face.


    Full list of ingredients

    tocopherol, mica, titanium oxide, talc, zinc stearate, silica, tin oxide, Iron oxide, Al hydroxide, diisostearyl malate, Ba sulfate, methylparaben, butylparaben, synthetic fluorofrogopite, Al Hydroxide, iron oxide, koji, aluminum hydroxide, yellow 401, red 226, konjo, methyl paraben, hydroxide Al, oxidation Iron, squalane, Squalane, Ba Sulfate, gunjo, dimethicone, blue 404, carmine, Red 226, ba sulfate, butyl paraben, Diisostearyl malate, borosilicate (Ca / Al), borosilicic acid (Ca / Al), synthetic fluorophlogopite.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    beautifully pigmented colours

    Buy all of them

    I bought the Mellow Milk Tea and Apricot Peach. I used them every day for two months. The shimmer is subtle but it's also easy to manipulate these colours. Can be applied with your finger or mixed with a little bit of water. Canmake products are SO underrated. BUY THEM ALL

    Beautiful subtle shimmer

    The colors are subtle and blends well. Great colors for fair skin type. Fairly water and smudge resistant, the shadow stays clean for several hours.

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