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OLIVE YOUNG Care Plus Scare Cover Spot Patch Honey (84 Pcs)


Kiyoko's Notes

These small adhesive patches speed up the drying and healing process of acne spots, absorbing sebum and pus inside the spots. It fits perfectly and matches with skin tone.

A South Korean acne patches designed to decrease the look of acne spots and provide a moisture boost. With 84 ultra-thin edge and super adhesion patches per pack, they provide a layer of moisture while protecting the spots from bacteria. 

After one use, acne spots appear shrunken and faded, having healed dramatically. The strong adhesion of the patches keep the spots protected and free from irritants

Healing for pimples and wounds
Transparent adhesive
Fades acne scars
Ideal for overnight treatment
Absorbs exudates from acne & pimples and promotes healthy skin
    Skin Concerns Acne Scarring
    Skin types Recommended for those who want to cover up and treat their skin problems with a transparent spot patch
      Made In SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷

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      How to use

      1. Clean and dry the skin and hands thoroughly, pull apart the cutting film and remove an acne dressing from the film.
      2. Place on the acne area, fix tightly by pressing on the rim.
      3. Acne dressing might turns white and swell, indicating absorption of secretion.
      4. Leave the acne dressing for minimum 4 hours or overnight, allow it sinks slowly over time. 5. Gently lift off from the edge.


      Active Ingredients Manuka honey


      Full list of ingredients

      Hydrocolloid dressings for protecting the skin from external substances and facilitating wound healing by absorbing exudates

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