Shiseido Molip Lip Cream (8g)


Kiyoko's Notes

A revitalizing and ultra-moisturizing lip treatment contains Vitamins E and B6 that repair skin dryness for immediate relief from chapped and peeling lips. Has a creamy soft texture that replenishes and locks in hydration, restoring the natural moisture barrier for long-lasting softness and smoothness. For the ultimate care, apply a thick layer of cream on clean lips and leave on overnight.

Lips are easy to get dry and be inflamed, protect your lips with Moilip!

  • Effectively help the lip problem: roughness, dryness and crack.
  • Moilip Lip Cream is loaded with components and vitamins to nurture your lips naturally and prevent harmful substances from hurting your delicate lips.
  • It repairs skin cells and reduces inflammation, as well as immediately relief you from chapped and peeling lips.
  • The creamy soft formula replenishes and locks in hydration, restoring the natural moisture barrier for long-lasting softness and smoothness.
  • Vitamin E and vitamin B6 encourage good metabolism of skin.


How to use

Dispense product onto fingers. Apply unto lips for hydration.

Apply it as a lip balm before sleep, leave on overnight.


Allantoin, glycyrrhetinic acid, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) , panthenol, liquid paraffin as an additive, micro crystallin wax, glycerin, glycerin fatty acid ester, paraben, L-menthol, petrolatum

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best lip cream EVER!!

I bought this on a whim because I'm still trying to find "The One". You know...that lip balm/cream to top all others? This it IT!!! I consider myself to be a lip balm/mask/cream aficionado. I try ALL the stuff and give it a good month before deciding if it's good or not. This Moilip is hands down the best lip cream I have ever had. My 9yo has incredibly dry, flaky lips that most lip creams/balms/masks just don't do anything lasting. I put this on his lips at bedtime and the NEXT morning, they were fully healed. I was sold! A week later and his lips are still soft and healed with me only applying it sparingly at bedtime. I have been using it too and am ready to throw out ALL my other lip products (except Laneige lip mask - they are fun and work...just not as well as this Moilip). You don't have to reapply it every 30 minutes either. I apply it 4 times throughout the day at most and my lips are phenomenal. Yes, it is more expensive. I think this tube will last me at least 2 months for as little as you need. Now for it to come back in stock so I can buy more!

Best Lip Cream Ever

I've been using this lip cream since June 13th and let me tell you, my lips have cracked less, AND they seem to look and feel like I use a lip mask regularly instead of just using balm. I keep this on my at all times and will be ordering again, and will be getting multiple for all my bags! I know that thinking about spending $13 on something that goes on your lips seems ridiculous but I promise you. Totally worth it.

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