Concept: Formulated with the famous hot springs water from Japan, Off & Relax uses two key concepts. 
Off: Using hot spring mineral components called "Bijinyu" to supress dryness and itchiness, and gently cleansers the dirt and oil from the scalp

Relax: Conditions the scalp with amino acids and Japanese botanical essences to relax and repair the scalp

Country: JAPAN 🇯🇵

OFF & RELAX Night Cherry Blossom Limited SetOFF & RELAX Night Cherry Blossom Limited Set
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OFF & RELAX SPA Shampoo Moisture (460ml)OFF & RELAX SPA Shampoo Moisture (460ml)
OFF & RELAX SPA Treatment Moisture (460ml)OFF & RELAX SPA Treatment Moisture (460ml)
OFF & RELAX SPA Shampoo Refresh (460ml)OFF & RELAX SPA Shampoo Refresh (460ml)
OFF & RELAX SPA Treatment Refresh (460ml)OFF & RELAX SPA Treatment Refresh (460ml)
OFF & RELAX SPA Scalp Essence (45ml)OFF & RELAX SPA Scalp Essence (45ml)
OFF & RELAX SPA Hair Mask (150g)OFF & RELAX SPA Hair Mask (150g)
OFF & RELAX Spa Hair Oil (80ml)OFF & RELAX Spa Hair Oil (80ml)

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